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ABP London Held the First Asia Entrepreneurs Summit

Release time: 2014-06-16 15:44:09

ABP News – On June 3rd, London held the First Asia Entrepreneurs Summit with the theme of “the rise of east London and the opportunities it brings for the Asian enterprises”. Over hundreds of elites participated the summit, including London vice mayor Richard Blakeway, Newnham Municipal Mayor Robin Wales,  Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and Xu Weiping, Board Chairman of ABP Global Holdings.
It is reported that this summit, as one section of “the first the UK-China entrepreneurs summit”, aims to explore the opportunities brings for Asian enterprises by the rise of east London – ABP London is the aggregated place for the rise, and to make people know the project of ABP London better. In addition, the summit also gains the support of Savills and the council of Newnham.
ABP has been exploring the future development of Royal Albert Dock since the agreement signed between Xu Weiping, Chairman of ABP Holdings Group and London Mayor Boris Johnson one years ago, which aims to build the dock into Asian Business Port.
UK government gives full support for the project. Newnham Municipal Mayor Sir Robin Wales said that they had equipped the project with full infrastructure and supporting facilities in order to build it into the third business center after the City of London and Canary Wharf. The programme of ABP London had been submitted to Newnham Council in April, which is under and examination and approval by the government.
Xu Weiping pointed out that, when speaking of the potential opportunities brought by ABP London for Asian enterprises, east London has attracted over 300 enterprises investing total of over 1 billion pounds in less than two years. Meanwhile, many projects of the Royal Dock are under planning and under construction and when completed, they will bring more development opportunities and greater development room for resident enterprises. The holding of the summit will tap more business opportunities at east London and understand more about ABP London, so that to speed up the construction of Asian Business Port.
Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government delivered keynote speech as a part of the summit. He said that the government will offer preferential policies for enterprises, especially new and expanding enterprise in terms of tax, technology, and infrastructure and so on. In addition, it will provide taxation reducing policy five years for ABP London project.
At the end of the summit, Xu Weiping stressed that east London is becoming the most suitable business district. The new business model of ABP will start a new business reform and provide a fresh service model for resident enterprises. After the approval of the project programme, ABP London will start construction in 2015 and the Phase I is to be completed in 2018. In the following five years, east London will bring forth more economic potential and job opportunities.
It is reported that “the first UK-China Entrepreneurs Summit” was grandly held at UK London from June 1st to June 6th. The summit is co-sponsored by UK Chinese Business Association and China-Britain Business Council, supported by Commerce and Business Union, China-Britain Business Council. The summit is themed with “new driving force for Britain-China Cooperation”, gathering over 450 business elites from China and Britain to explore the cooperation between the competitive industries of two countries. During the five days, theme forums, dialogues among entrepreneurs were held and visits were paid to University of Cambridge and many cooperative projects between UK and China, such as ABP London and Mclaren Technology Center.

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