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ABP London Made First Appearance at CIFTIS Leading Chinese Enterprises to Go Global

Release time: 2014-06-17 09:31:27

ABP News – With more and more Chinese enterprises orienting to overseas market, ABP Global Holdings Group – a global industrial developer, also made its first expanding step into overseas market by building ABP London.

On May 28th, the Third China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services was grandly held at Beijing National Convention Center. The UK Hallwas specially set up at the fair, where ABP London was firstly presented to the public by Savills and ABP. 

    ABP Global Holdings Group, a global industrial developer, has invested, developed, constructed and operated many projects. Xu Weiping, Board Chairman of ABP Global Holdings Group attended the fair and gave interviews to dozens of media, including Xinhau News Agency, Peoples Daily Online, China News Service and Phoenix Satellite Television.

Xu Weiping expressed the reason for choosing London as his first overseas investment place. It is because UK is the center of Europe in terms of economy, finance, trade and commerce, culture and education, so on.

ABP London is situated at Royal Albert Dock, neighboring to London City Airport, capable of reaching to 29 cities in Europe within two hours. ABP London is expected to be a vigorous 24-hour business district, connecting Asian enterprises with British and European ones. It is also the largest UK investment made by Chinese real estate enterprises. The project is divided into five phases to complete, with investment of 1 billion pounds, covering an area of 35 acres at Royal Albert Dock of east London. A business district of 3,200 thousand square feet (about 297,6 thousand sqm) is to be erected, consisting of office buildings, residential buildings and so on. It mainly caters for Chinese and Asian enterprises.

When speaking of the expansion of Chinese enterprises into overseas market, Xu Weiping said that high-speed development of Chinese enterprises for 20 to 30 years, especially for non-public enterprises has made internationalization very necessary. If Chinese enterprise lacked understanding of the world and did not integrated with such great regions as Europe and America, then they can only utilize the resources and market of China, so Chinese enterprises have to go global. 

The function of platform is obvious for one tree does not make a forest. Xu Weiping told reporters: ABP building platforms is similar to Zheng Hes travalling to the West (a great  marine exploration in Ming Dynasty), who organized a large business group into Europe and even the whole world. What we depend on is group advantage and aggregated effect.

For the reason, ABP has set up the office of first stop in Londonto serve Chinese and Asian enterprises that will make investment in the UK in terms of finance, taxation, polices and laws and so on. Now, ABP has signed agreement with PwC and KPMG in this regard.

 The reason for European industries to develop and expand for hundreds of years without interpretation is that they have covered the world, at least their headquarters have; Xu Weiping said: while the history of Chinese industries have only 20 or 30 years, therefore the chapter for entering overseas market is just a beginning.

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