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China-UK Business Forum and ABP International Alliance China-UK

Release time: 2014-11-25 14:05:48


China-UK Business Forum and ABP International Alliance China-UK

(Southern Yangtze) Investment Forum Successfully Held in Beijing


ABP News - On November 14th, ABP Global Holdings Group held ABP International Alliance China-UK (Southern Yangtze) Investment Forum at Maya International Conference Center in ABP Beijing. This is the first China-UK Investment exchange since the establishment of ABP International Alliance (ABPIA) in September, which was attended by around 300 delegates from governments and businesses of both countries.


During the forum, it is announced formally to establish ABP International Alliance (China) and ABP International Alliance (Southern Yangtze, China), which marks substantial progress has been made by ABP. IA to promote global business trade and investment growth in China. This will further enhance the interaction between UK and Chinese enterprises, as well as facilitate the creation of Global Headquarters Economy Community. Signing Ceremony for “Fengtai Science Park Western and Eastern Expansion” and for Potential Buyers of ABP London, Opening Ceremony and Signing Ceremony for the Southern Yangtze Investment Alliance were held at the same day.


At 3 pm, six UK government officials including Mr. Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Sir Michael Bear, Chairman of Regeneration Investment Organization, UK Trade and Investment, Mr. Peter Schofield,Director-General for Neighborhoods,Department for Communities and Local Government arrived at ABP Beijing, and have a group photo with participants from China at the gate of International Conference Center. After that, Mr. Eric Pickles and Sir Michael Bear had a site tour around ABP Beijing and visited a company occupier—Global China Group Limited, together with officials from Beijing Fengtai District Government and Mr. Xu Weiping, Founding Chairman of ABP.IA and Chairman of ABP Global Holdings Group.


In the mean time, China-UK Business Forum started at Maya International Conference Center. Mr. Peter Schofield, Director-General for Neighborhoods, Department for Communities and Local Government made a keynote speech on Enterprise Zone, Invest in UK. He introduced about investment opportunities in UK Enterprise Zone, hoping more and more Chinese enterprises will invest in UK. Delegates from Chinese Enterprises asked about policies and challenges of investing in UK in a Q & A session. Wang Yanguo, Managing Director of China International Chamber of Commerce for the Private Sector then made keynote speech, in which he pointed out the opportunities and direction for private enterprises in the future.


After the forum, all guests gathered at Maya International Conference Center and the event formally open. Guests watched three films of ABP project in Beijing, London and Southern Yangtze. Officials from Fengtai District Government, Mr. Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Sir Michael Bear, Chairman of Regeneration Investment Organization, UK Trade and Investment, Ms. Zhang Weifen, Chairman of Haining People's Political Consultative Conference, Zhejiang Province, gave their speeches. They all spoke highly of the achievement of ABP, wishing an even brighter future for ABP.IA, and a more prosperous cooperation between China and UK.


Mr. Xu Weiping announced the establishment of ABP International Alliance (China), followed by Appointment Ceremony for Senior Management, which indicates a significant move to improve the organization chart in China since the set-up of ABP.IA in UK. Later, Signing Ceremonies for Western and Eastern Expansion of Fengtai Science Park and for Potential Buyers of ABP London and for ABP and Southern Yangtze Investors were held. In the future, both sides will join hands to develop ABP Southern Yangtze, realizing common development and a win-win outcome.


The highlight of the summit comes at the announcement of the founding of ABP International (Southern Yangtze China) Alliance and of ABP Southern Yangtze Investment – a platform encompassing industry and finance. Nameplate was unveiled by Zhang Weifen and Xu Weiping.


In the thank-you speech, Xu Weiping talked about his thoughts on the founding of “Southern Yangtze Invesment”and his vision on Chinese private enterprises in the next 30 years.  He said “The set-up of Southern Yangtze Investment speaks for the periodical achievement of ABP and it will also be a brand-new development model for ABP Southern Yangtze City, namely, diversity and multi share holders. What is the transformation priority for Chinese private enterprises?” To change philosophy, realize alliance, pool capital other than singular entity playing as in the past, it should be the answer.  Mr. Xu also expressed his heartfelt thanks to Beijing Fengtai District Committee and District Government, ABP resident enterprises and entrepreneurs of Northeast, Qingdao, Haining, Beijing and other regions for their over ten-year care and support and said that ABP will keep innovating and forward-moving.  


At 6:00 pm, dinner started. ABP International Alliance China-UK (Southern Yangtze) Investment Forum concluded successfully in a toast proposed by District Mayor Ji Yan.

ABP国际联盟: ABP International Alliance

ABP International Alliance is a business organization to promote enterprise trade and investment across the world, with China-UK as a starting point. The initiator of the Alliance is ABP Global Holdings Group and its investment includes Royal Albert Port project worth 1 billion pound.


The purpose of ABP International Alliance is to facilitate the expansion of enterprises in new market and help them catch the opportunities brought out by the growing China-UK trade.


Many Chinese and UK enterprises will become the strategic partners of ABP International Alliance from 2014. The development of the Alliance will make it cover areas outside Europe and Asia and over 1000 enterprises are expected to join it.


Operation Model of ABP International Alliance

The advantage of ABP International Alliance lies in its mater-of-fact spirit and unswerving effort to seek business opportunities. Its members are senior management and business organizations from China and UK. ABP International Alliance will help Alliance members make strategy and action plan by carrying out study and cooperation between China and UK.

One of Alliance functions is to establish enterprise network, so that to provide efficient tools for business community to launch “revolutionary innovation”. Many activities are being planned and carried out. With more business opportunities brought out by ABP International Alliance and its strategic partners, the Alliance will launch more activities recently.


ABP:  About ABP  

ABP was set up in China in 2003, called “Zong Bu Ji Di”in Chinese. It has been enjoying good reputation for developing large-scale enterprise Headquarters Park. ABP Beijing, its first project, developed 400 large-scale office buildings. Besides, in Qingdao, there are 800 buildings and Shenyang, 2,000, among which 400 buildings have been completed. In Haining, ABP invested and developed ABP Southern Yangtze City, building it into the third enterprise headquarters cluster of Southern Yangtze after Shanghai and Hangzhou.

In UK, ABP is building the unique “Asian Business Park” at Royal Albert Port. The 1 billion pound investment will create a new financial city in London, bringing enterprises from west and east together to create a thriving and new international business center.


In September, 2013, ABP proclaimed global expansion and was headquartered in London.  In 2014, ABP International Alliance was established.

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