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Seychelles’s incoming ambassador to China visits ABP Beijing

Release time: 2015-10-15 14:50:00

On September 22, the newly appointed ambassador to China of the Republic of Seychelles, Ms. Vivianne Fock-Tave, first-class Secretary- General of the ambassador to China of Seychelles, Mr. Christian Faure and others arrived in Beijing and kicked off their inspection of ABP Beijing. President Xu Weiping of the Board of Directors of ABP Global Holdings Group, CEO Xu Ying of ABP London and other leaders met with the ambassador and her entourage in the Presidential Suite of the Maya Island Hotel and held cordial talks with them.

During the talks, Ambassador Vivianne Fock-Tave said that Seychelles has successfully joined EU last year, which enables it to enjoy more resource information as well as better investment and trade environment. It is expected that Seychelles will surpass Italy and become the world's third largest inbound tourism country next year. Currently, Seychelles has opened up 97.5% of its market and has signed relevant economic partnership agreements with EU and some member states of it. Besides, Seychelles offers attractive tax exemption policies and investment environment. In addition, the direct airline from Beijing to Seychelles will go into operation in December this year. By then, the bilateral ties between China and Seychelles will become closer and so will the contacts and exchanges between the peoples of the two countries.

As the national economic adviser of Seychelles, Xu Weiping indicated that Seychelles is an island country boasting beautiful ecology, bountiful high-quality resources and excellent environment. Its social and economic development is sustainable and steady. In the future, Seychelles should give full play to its own advantages and adopt preferential tariffs. It should be built into a superior and safe "portal island of Asia" to promote the overall development of its national economy and society. To this end, Xu put forward the following four suggestions: First, to expand and improve the Victoria Harbor to make it more secure, convenient and modern; second, to build the national high-end conference center to enhance all kinds of economic and trade activities, to attract all kinds of people worldwide and to become the Sino-African Forum and Asian-African Forum Center; third, to expand and improve the national airport, increase the runway and optimize the traffic environment; fourth, to build the National Arts Centre to provide a high-end service platform for the artists, scientists, financiers and industrialists, etc. to learn from the western and eastern cultures while promoting the cultural exchanges and fusion between the East and the West. This will not only attract more Chinese investors, but also will make Seychelles the transfer station for China and even all Asian countries to enter the African market.

Vivienne Fock-Tave expressed her extraordinary gratitude to President Xu Weiping for his sincere suggestions. Upon assuming the post of Ambassador to China, the President of Seychelles entrusted her to further understand China and to make all efforts to strengthen the friendly relations and boost the the economic and cultural exchanges between Seychelles and China as well as to impel the development of the two countries.

During the talks, President Xu Weiping also indicated that when first meeting Ambassador Vivianne Fock-Tave in London, he thought she would be an outstanding ambassador with innovative ideas, great executive power and strong driving force. He hope that in the future, with the efforts and promotion of Ambassador Vivianne Fock-Tave, the bilateral economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between Seychelles and China will become increasingly closer.

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