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Geographic Advantage

Release time: 2014-06-16 09:31:09

Being Headquartered in Beijing

Beijing , the capital of China, is the center of China’s politics, economy and culture as well as the home to many national administrative organs. About 293 of the Fortune Global 500 are headquartered in Beijing. The movement of economic barycenter northward, the holding of Olympics and the admission to the WTO have make the position of Beijing as the first “headquarters”solid and undisputable.

Enjoying a promising future with the support of the government

“We shall further improve investment environment, bring the advantage of capital into full play, energetically develop Headquarters Economy, formulate practical and effective policies and regulations, so that to attract more multi-nationals, financial organizations, large enterprises and corporations at home and abroad to set regional headquarters, research center, operation center at Beijing. Thus, more and more talents will come to Beijing for work, starting business and investment.

Extract from the report at the 6th Plenary Session of the 9th Beijing Municipal Committee

By Liu Qi, Beijing Municipal Party Secretary 

“we shall attract more multinationals, financial organizations, large enterprises and corporations to set headquarters, research center, operation center, purchasing center at Beijing as well as develop Headquarters Economy…”

Extract from the Work of the Government at the 2nd Conference of the 12th Beijing People’s  Congress at February 16th, 2004

By Wang Qishan, Mayor of Beijing People’s Government


Fengtai: The place to initiate headquarters new district and build the 5th capital economic zone

The experience of headquarters new districts across the world foretells that Fengtai will be a desirable place to build a new urban economic center realistically and historically, which can match CBD(Beijing International Trade Center), Zhuagnguancun, Financial Street and Yizhuang Development Zone.   

Urban geographic potential

Beijing decides to re-plan the city according to the strategy of “multi centers with two axles and two belts”at the two sessions of NPC and CPPCC of early 2004. After realization of the plan, there will be one urban district and many satellite towns. Fengtai will be the urban district.

Location and transportation potential

Fengtai has been known as“the golden part of Beijing”. It is an important land intersection; moreover, many water, land and air lines connect here directly.

Ecology potential

Fengtai has been known as flower production garden, named as flower house at Beijing since the dynasties of Ming and Qing. When summer and autumn is coming, the fragrance of flowers is pervaded for miles. Meanwhile, it has great potential for development for historic urban planning reason, making its ecological development room and upgrade room greater.

Cost potential

Fengtai enjoys cost advantage in urban re-planning of Beijing. For one hand, its density is very low; for another hand, it has greater room for group development, which very accords with the cost requirements of building new headquarters district.

Industry Potential

Fengtai has become a high-tech industrial zone, talents zone and business zone after the reform and opening up for dozens of years, which is greatly different from what impressed people before. It is due to the early urban planning of Beijing making it accommodate many national level industrial centers, such as Beijing Aerospace City and Zhongguancun Science Park and Advanced Business Park; second, the development of market economy greatly promotes the gathering of talents and information. As of now, there are over 60 national or municipal scientific centers, covering such high-tech industries as electronic information, aerospace, metallurgical and chemical engineering, instrument and meter, machinery manufacturing, industrial automation, medical treatment, biological engineering etc. Over 7 thousand professionals and about one thousand prestigious scholars and experts gather here, which speaks of Fengtai holding strong potential, rather than poor foundation,

The 5th capital economic zone

Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park is the zone for IT industry, high-tech electronic technology and private electronic incubator, focusing on the operation of electronics; CBD is the zone for international business, focusing on international large-and-medium enterprises that do business at China; West District is the home to large securities and exchange centers, focusing on the administrative office of financial headquarters and business dealing. Yizhuang Economic and Technical Development Zone is the base for multinationals to make production and fabrication at China, with manufacture as pillar industry. Advanced Business Park, with the characteristics of high-tech, ecology, independence and convenience, brings revenue of 100 RMB from technology, which makes Fengtai the player of Beijing the fifth economic zone in terms of quality and quantity. It greatly complements and enriches the great economic layout of Beijing.


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