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Sale TEL: 010-83681888 ABP Map
Fax: 010-83681888
Sale TEL(Northeast): 024-88018888
Sale TEL(Qingdao): 0532-68006688
Project investment and cooperation: 010-63701818 To Development Department
Site cooperation, Links: 63706798 63701818-7111
Company: ABP(CHINA)Holding subsidiary companies
Beijing Zhongguancun Fengtai Park Road Feng Technology Business Park Construction Development Co. Ltd.
ADD: CHINA Beijing The South Fourth Ring Road West 188#
Zip code: 100070

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Add: No. 188, West Road, South 4th Ring, Fengtai District, Beijing, China


Tel (Beijing): 010-83681888

Fax (Beijing): 010-83681888

Tel (Shenyang): 024-88018888

Tel (Qingdao): 0532-68006688

Investment and Cooperation: 010-63701818 Development department

Email: service@abp.cn

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