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he ABP (China) Holding Group is dedicated to the investment, development and construction of ABP mode-basedeconomic zones and comprehensive international investment group. Since 2003, the Group has been investing in the construction and development of ABP economic zones in China. Its main projects include ABP Beijing, ABP Finance Harbor, Beijing Maya Island Hotel, ABP Northeast China, and ABP Qingdao among others.

Project Profile

We will take six to eight years to build ABP Northeast in Shenyang Northeast China, erecting 2.000 office buildings. It will cover a floorage of 5 million square meters; western region and middle region at the first phase cover an area of 4.76 million square meters. Whereby, we can make contribution to the co-development of Northeast Asian economy, the integrative development of Shenyang economic zone and the development Shenbei New District (the new town at the north of Shenyang). It is intended to build into an aggregative headquarters zone, being systemic, standard, ecological and comprehensive, based on the over 6-year experiences of ABP Beijing. more......

Planning and Design

Contract signing enterprises

  • Postal Savings Bank of China
  • Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. Angel Y...
  • China JiYun Group
  • Sichuan Changhong Electric Co....
  • Eve Fashion Group
  • Hubei Yihua Group Limited Liab...

Introduction to the video

The video will present you the planning and design of ABP Northeast. The fast development of China’s economic development has left many problems over the past 30 years. Urban planning is one of them. Urban core district is just like the heart of humans, with limited capacity to support resources distribution and the expansion of a city. Meanwhile, traditionally functional regions, such as satellite town are not able to tackle these problems any more for all of those solutions can’t change and renovate the situations of urban core regions facing the city.

Against such a backdrop, we conceive the idea of building another urban heart for a city. We believe that the practice of New Mother City theory can open a new portal for the development of China’s economy, social development, structural reform, mechanism reform, regime reform and the development of culture and ideology.

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